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New Earth Online offers a range of articles that covers tutorials on various aspects of Webpage development, general programming such as C++, and reviews of different products such as DVD releases. If there are any articles or reviews you'd like to see here please tell me. The following list of topics are sections that I have written articles for so far. To see what articles are available for each topic, please click on the topic name.

Adobe Photoshop Articles

Adobe Photoshop (8 articles)

A favourite amongst designers and photographers, Adobe Photoshop is the weapon of choice for most; but for those aspiring to use it, this isn't the easiest of programs to learn. The articles provided here are for the purpose of helping to introduce new users to the divine ways of Photoshop.

Apache is one of the most widely used and easiest

Apache (9 articles)

Apache is one of the most widely used and easiest of webservers available today. Every distribution on UNIX supports it, and many come with it out of the box (making it cheaper than IIS to get set up). If you're new to Apache then here's the place to start, otherwise, there are always new tricks to learn! (1 article)

C++ and C# (3 articles)

Cocoa (iPhone and Mac OS X) (5 articles)

Cocoa is the language used by Apple for development on their desktop operating system, OS X, and on their mobile platform for the iPhone. Coca is a form of Objective C and can be easier to learn if you know languages such as C and C++ though any programming background should come in useful.

Film and Television articles

Film and Television (37 articles)

Everything here is film and television related news. You'll find I also have a number of reviews for DVD's I've watched and films I've been to the cinema to see. Be sure to check them out! The main focus of the reviews here are Anime.

Game articles

Games (7 articles)

In this section you can find news and reviews of games for the PC and XBox 360. I doubt I'll ever cover any PS3 (Playstation 3) news here though!

Hardware and Gadget reviews and news

Hardware and Gadgets (6 articles)

Almost every techie worth their salt are obsessed with either hardware or gadgets - or both! In this section I aim to review what hardware and gadgets I can, and to post any relevant news.

Java / JavaScript / JSP (15 articles)

All three of these languages are very different. The first is an Object-Orientated language that was designed so that programs written in it could be compiled and would then work on any Java supported platform. JavaScript is a common language on the web, it is used to drive interfaces and is now becoming synonymous with the word Ajax (much to many people's dismay). Finally, JSP is a form of Java that is used to write server-side pages for the web.

PHP Hypertext Preprocessing articles

PHP (7 articles)

PHP Hypertext Preprocessing is the most widespread server-side language used on the Internet today. Here you can learn the basics of PHP and how to perform various tasks using PHP such as dynamically GZipping Stylesheets so they can be downloaded quicker.

Articles on Literature

Science and Literature (2 articles)

Software (14 articles)

Software Engineering (General) (6 articles)

General articles on the development of software, and the best practices in doing so.

Visual Basic / (1 article)

Basic is a language that most people start from. As the name suggests it is a simple language. As with most languages that Microsoft touch, with VB and they have objectified it and made it visual so that people can create interfaces by dragging and dropping components. This can complicate things when you're trying to learn how to code in it, so here's some articles to help.

Web Standards / Web Development (General (38 articles)

This category covers general web development and design, and the standards that impact upon them. Most of the standards discussed here are set by the W3C - the World Wide Web Consortium.