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There are many Javascript frameworks out there, all having their pro's and con's. Two of the best known one's are and the light weight MooTools. The purpose of this article is to highlight the differences, and the advantages of using each. is a JavaScript framework developed by Thomas Fuchs and utilises the Prototype library. MooTools is also a JavaScript framework coined as being lightweight, and was developed by a group of developers.

When it comes to filesizes there is quite a difference in the size of the full packages. With MooTools you download a file based on what you want, this can range from 2.35Kb to 179Kb as the non-compressed versions. MooTools also allows them to be downloaded in a "compressed" form that reduces the footprint of using MooTools on your site, the full package being 42.6Kb. Scriptaculous to some degree is modular, with Effects, Builder, Prototype and Drag/Drop being separate. The full package size for this is 220Kb - putting MooTools in the lead so far when it comes to resources.

Filesize comparison between MooTools and
Module Type MooTools
Compressed Plain Text Compressed Plain Text
Core 2.35Kb 8.06Kb n/a 71.9Kb
Effects 22.7Kb 106Kb n/a 36.9Kb
Drag & Drop / Sortables 20.7Kb 92.4Kb n/a 66.9Kb
Special Controls 28.8Kb 122Kb n/a 28.3Kb
Complete Package 42.6Kb 179Kb n/a 220Kb
Fig 1. Filesize comparison between MooTools and

Please note that all module sizes includes any dependencies on other files that they may have. For example with MooTools all require the Core module, so that is included in the filesize for all others.

Another point worth remembering is that there are many differences between what the libraries can do, but we look at that in more detail next.

Smallest Footprint: MooTools v1.11 (42.6Kb)