Adobe HTML5 Video Player widget


Just days after it is revealed the new Apple MacBook Air doesn't include Adobe Flash initially, Adobe unveil their HTML 5 video player widget which is available via their widget browser.

However, the limited browser support for the HTML5 <video> tag has forced web designers to scramble for a solution that would work across platforms as well as browsers. To help customers overcome these challenges, Adobe has released an easy-to-use, totally CSS-customizable solution that shifts gracefully from the HTML5 <video> tag to the Flash Player when the tag is not supported. The shift takes place regardless of the screen—from phone to monitor to TV.

The widget is based on the Kaltura open source library and reportedly works in unspecified versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome. To download this widget you have to either have Dreamweaver CS (which they seem to think most people should) or use their AIR powered widget browser. Either way they force you to install some Adobe software before you can use their HTML 5 widget.

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