Happy New Year! 2012


Happy 2012 to everyone! Last year was a pretty busy year and I never really felt like blogging that often with the exception of the Apple related events that were on. In February I did a bit more diving at Stoney Cove, to complete my Dry Suit diver specialty qualification. I had started that one a few days before Christmas but the friend I was diving with got hypothermia due to the icy cold temperature of the lake (it was 4 degree Celsius on the surface and snowing!).

April saw another diving course to get the "Peak Performance Buoyancy" qualification just in time for a 2 week trip to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands at the end of the month. It was a great trip and had many memorably moments such as free-diving with Galapagos Penguins and scuba-diving with white-tipped sharks and rays.

In the gaming world May saw the end of a long running joke wait with the eventual release of Duke Nukem Forever. Sadly May was also a time when Smallville came to an end after 10 years, but the release of Team Bondi's L.A. Noire sure helped pass the time without it! I also placed a large order with Jedi Collectibles that month, which to this day I'm still waiting for and doubt will ever actually arrive.

In July I returned to Stoney Cove yet again to do my Advanced Open Water qualification - this one consisted of some underwater navigation, wreck diving, deep diving and multi-level diving. I also had another holiday to Weston-Supermare and finally got to see the Roman Baths in Bath.

In August I went camping for a weekend, something I'd never done before. It was at Silverstone for the Renault World Series - prior to this I'd barely seen any racing whatsoever as it's just so boring on the television, yet it was an enjoyable weekend with plenty of photography and hopefully something we'll do again in 2012. About a week later I then went with some fellow Jadugars to Wales to retry Mount Snowdon. Our previous attempt whilst doing the 3 Peaks failed due to high(ish) wind speeds making the climb unsafe. This time the winds weren't nearly as bad but we pushed on and made it to the top (and found there was a 4x4 up there which later made the national news - when we were there we'd assumed it was a park ranger). The rain had been severe and despite  heavy waterproofs still managed to get drenched.

In October there was a lot going on - the Harry Potter film series came to an end in an epic conclusion. The iPhone 4S was released, and Steve Jobs died. In the gaming world there was the release of Rage amd Batman: Arkham City.

November was a month to remember - the release of Skyrim, the fifth game in The Elder Scrolls series. Over the weeks that followed many hours were sunk into that game which also meant I'd not got round to playing Halo or Assassin's Creed. December was the release of The Old Republic, though that was not without it's issues.

In 2012 I'll be visiting Iceland and China as well as a few Harry Potter related places (the film studios being one of them) so it's looking like it may be another busy year. This time however I'll attempt to blog and/or post a review at least once a week.

Hope everyone has a great 2012!! 

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