Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 (Xbox 360)


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Yesterday I played Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1, a game intended to be played on the Xbox 360 using Kinect. Sadly I've not yet got round to getting one so it does restrict what challenges you can do in the game but does not restrict you from playing the story missions (there also 3 non-Kinect series of challenges too). This game has been a huge change from the previous two Harry Potter games that I played in that it no longer feels like a "chore simulator" but closer to what the early Potter games were like. The story varies drastically from both the book and the film and includes extra side missions that are compulsory as a way of artificially lengthening the game. These side missions feel repetitive as they generally follow a "Free X number of captured Muggle-borns from Y" pattern where Y might be Acrmantulas or Deatheaters. It seems it's possible to complete the game mostly using "Stupify" and can be completed in very little time. I'd only recommend this game if you\'re a fan of Harry Potter otherwise you may get fed up of this game quite quickly.

It's taken me months to get round to playing this game, and as I've now finished as much of it as I want to it's time to move on to Part 2. Hopefully this one will be better... 

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