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When I said I intended on blogging more this year I certainly didn't mean three days running. Yesterday however after having spent 5 hours on Star Wars: The Old Republic (in which time I constructed a lightsaber, did a flashpoint, and arrived on Coruscant) I decided to try out Command and Conquer 4.

For those that have played previous games in the series, including other spin-offs such as Red Alert 3 will remember that there are always minerals that you have to mine in order to create units, and buildings such as power plants that are required. Other buildings would normally affect what units from the tech-tree you can build. In co-op mode at least, this is very different in C&C4. The first noticeable difference is the choosing of a class. These are:

  • Support
  • Offence
  • Defence

With Support you get "powers" similar to those you'd get in Generals. Though for Support and Offence you get no building other than your MCV. If you're playing as the defence class then you do get defensive structures. Instead of buying units you instead expend command points which for the first couple of maps at least is around 50. This gives you the ability to construct a very limited force. A tank for example is 6 command points so you have to plan ahead as much as you can. You can change your class if you decide you've chosen the wrong one, but your MCV must be destroyed first. This can be done a maximum of 3 times.

It does feel like a dumbed down version of C&C where you can just keep on playing until you win. For example the first GDI mission was to save 12 vehicles from the convoy. We must have lost twice that before we eventually figured out what we were doing and started to save some.

Quite a disappointing instalment, but it's one I'll still try to complete at some point and wasn't too bad for the £3.74 price tag I bought it for off Steam during their sale.

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