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Since I got my Nintendo 3DS (I got the 25th anniversary Zelda edition) I'd been unable to connect to the eShop or use the social features of the device. The error message I got when searched for online indicated in pretty much every post that it meant the Wi-Fi wasn't working and that I should check the "Hotspot"... wish they just call it a router, anyway I digress, and I knew that wasn't the case.

The reason I knew otherwise was that the network test worked okay and the web browser did too - I did a search on Google and loaded up the website of the company I work for. This made little sense whatsoever as it was the same issue on my home network and also when trying the device in the office. Although on my home network there's very little diagnostics I can do (in part due to shockingly bad router firmware) I was fortunate enough to get some diagnostics done whilst in the office. When browsing around I'd seen mention that the eShop app uses port 9103 however unblocking this still didn't help. Fortunately a colleague was able to get a list of the ports via our firewall and the list was actually a little longer. In the end though it provided the information required to reconfigure my router at home and I can now enjoy the social aspect of owning a 3DS as well as downloading small games, etc. that Nintendo make available in their eStore.

To start with I've downloaded the Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition - I'll review this at a later date. For now though I'm pleased to see my 3DS working the way it should!

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