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You've probably noticed that on every article and news item on this site, that on the last page they have loads of links across the bottom to different social bookmarking sites. These links are easy enough to add, though I will only go through a few due to the sheer number of social bookmarking sites that are now springing up all over the net.


Having your site "Dugg" usually means that you are likely to get a huge amount of traffic flood into your site if it makes it onto the Digg frontpage. To add a link to digg a page, use code along the following lines:

Using that code as it is would submit this article to Digg, to change it to your own site you only need to change the value of the URL parameter. If you are using blogging software such as WordPress then you will be able to use a variable to specify individual page URLs easily. This and other social bookmnarking links can easily be added in WordPress using a plugin. The CMS used here, entity, has these features built in and can have the different social bookmarking links individually turned on and off. For more information on what topics can be used, please visit Digg Tools.

Again, as with the previous link for Digg, the url parameter will need changing to that of your own site.



Ma.gnolia is a slightly more sophisticated link, and I do mean that in the very loosest sense of the word. Ma.gnolia does again have a url parameter to be changed, but it also has a title tag that can be used to pre-fill the title input field when adding the bookmark.


BlinkList is another like Ma.gnolia where there is a way of pre-filling the title for the bookmark. In this case it is referred to as description instead.

Yahoo! My Web


<a href="">
   <img src=""
      border="0" alt="Subscribe with Bloglines" />

As I said before, there are numerous other social bookmarking sites, but the above ones are probably the most common ones at the time of writing, and should keep you and your site happy for now.