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Page 2 - Comparing Effects

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Rather than comparing how similar effects work, I thought it best to start off with a list of the effects available by default to each framework as a way of comparing them.

Table comparing what effects are featured in each framework
Effect MooTools
Fade In / Fade Out - X
Slide In / Slide Out X X
Appear / Disappear - X
Morph X -
Transitions X -
Scroll To X -
Scale - X
Move - X
Effect Queues - X
Content Swapper X X
Shake - X
"Puff" - X
Blind Up / Blind Down - X
Dropout - X
Shake - X
Pulsate - X
Squish - X
Fig 2. Effects comparison of frameworks

In this comparison it is clear that is the winner with the most effects. The stability of the effects for both frameworks are both good with very little in the way of reported bugs.

Most Effects: